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Cardinal Pole School values the development of our students beyond academia to help them become responsible, safe and happy individuals following their time at school. Within PSHE ( Personal, Social, Health, Economic) education our values of compassion, integrity, accountability, equality and high expectations in addition to respect and empathy are a core part of our PSHE delivery. 

Within their weekly 50 minute session, and in line with the Relationships and Sex Education guidance 2020, years 7-10 will explore healthy relationships, healthy lifestyles including diet; mental health; human rights; online safety; British Values. Our lessons are delivered within the context of the Catholic Church with respect of our fellow human beings as creations of God at the centre. Lessons are taught by teachers who are trained in their speciality and are placed on rotation ensuring each child will cover all modules for their year. Resources have been developed from trusted partners such as the PSHE Association, Stonewall, Barclays LifeSkills and Mind. External speakers are often invited to the school in order to give students the opportunity to question and explore topics further. Details of year 7 to 10 curriculum and our school's RSE policy can be found attached. 


Year 11 are also provided PSHE education through two drop down days per half term. Within these sessions students will continue to have specialised teachers deliver PSHE content building upon topics they have already explored within years 7 to 10 such as mental health, healthy lifestyles, sex education, the dangers of drugs and alcohol etc. 


Students in Year 12 and 13 continue to study a comprehensive PSHE programme in weekly lessons. This covers a wide range of relevant PSHE topics, with a particular focus on life skills to support their transition into life beyond the Sixth Form. Students in both year groups also have opportunities to hear external speakers on topics including careers, Post-16 options and University application support.


Communication from parents/ guardians is very welcome and any questions or concerns can be addressed to PSHE Lead Clodagh Benning.