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Working Partnerships

University of Cambridge

Faculty of Education PhD Research – Sustaining Restorative Approaches in Schools.

Research Briefing: 

This research will support schools with developing a systems approach to sustainability.  Initially three focus groups with parents, pupils and staff on the issue bullying and restorative approaches will be held.  Then, following a day of training on the Soft Systems Method, school staff who are developing restorative approaches will be engaged with at various points during the year to see what developments have occurred which give insight into the sustainability or restorative approaches.  This research seeks to explore the issues of sustainability through school staff perceptions using a range of methods.

The Research Criteria:

 Three Case study schools who are presently developing restorative approaches and:

  • Can demonstrate active commitment to engaging in the research process.
  • Have at least 8 staff who would be willing to participate in the research over three terms.

The Research methods:

  • Focus groups
  • Semi-Structured Interviews
  • Documentary Analysis

The Focus groups and interviews are semi-structured and are an exploration and reflection on what has sustained Restorative Approaches in the school so far and will continue to do so. In parallel with the interviews the researcher will observe what artefacts (e.g. policy), been identified as Restorative in the school.