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School Uniform Details

         YEARS 7-11

Boys Uniform

  • Grey Pinstripe Blazer with school logo
  • Grey Trousers
  • Grey long sleeve or sleeveless pullover with “V” neck with a red stripe
  • Plain White with long sleeves (short sleeves shirt may be worn in the summer)
  • Black or Grey Socks only
  • School Tie: All boys must wear a school tie (not clip on version)
  • Black low heel leather shoes (Not suede or patent) worn below the ankle. No ankle boots/boots (including “kicker” boots) No trainers or shoes which look like trainers Black laces only
  • Male students should be clean shaven: (years 7-11)
  • Any haircut shorter than a No.1 is not allowed
  • For Health and Safety reasons long hair must be tied back at all times. 


Girls Uniform

  • Grey Pinstripe Blazer with school logo
  • Grey pleated knee length skirt worn below the knee
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey long sleeve or sleeveless pullover with “V” neck with a red stripe
  • Plain White with long sleeves (not blouse type) (short sleeves shirt may be worn in the summer)
  • School Tie (not clip on version)
  • Black or grey tights, or plain knee high black or grey socks
  • Plain low heel black leather shoes worn below the ankle (Not suede or patent) No ankle boots / boots, including kicker boots. No trainers or shoes which look like trainers. Black laces only
  • For Health and Safety reasons long hair must be tied back at all times. Extensions or hair dye should be natural colours only.  Unnatural colours such as yellow, red, orange, purple etc are NOT permitted.
  • Plain black head coverings/scarves are only permitted for religious reasons.
  • Hair beads should be clear, white, brown or black only.


Outdoor Items

  • Cardinal Pole Black School Outdoor Jacket (compulsory) with School Logo (no other coats are allowed except Year 11 & Sixth Form who may wear a plain black coat)
  • Plain black bag/rucksack large enough to hold text and exercise books – no logos
  • School scarf, hat and gloves (To be purchased from Rough Cuts. No other variation allowed).


Compulsory P.E. Kit for all Pupils

  • Black shorts or joggers - plain - no logos
  • Polo shirt with the Cardinal Pole logo purchased from School Supplier (Rough Cuts)
  • Black socks
  • Trainers - required for all lessons (not Converse, Vans or similar fashion footwear)
  • Black PE jumper with school logo (for colder months)


Optional Items

  • Waterproof suit with school logo - only purchased from School Supplier (Rough Cuts)
  • Long white socks
  • School scarf, hat and gloves (to be purchased from Rough Cuts – no other variation allowed).
  • Boys may wear a plain black leather/cloth belt
  • P.E:-
    • White football short with black trim with the school logo (only required if pupils intend to play for the school football team.
    • Black/Red Tracksuits/Training pants with School Logo.


Prohibited Items

  • The school allows students to wear one small pair of earring studs to be worn (one in each earlobe only) either Gold or Silver (no larger than 5mm diameter). A plain watch is permitted (Apple/Android watches or those with Internet connections are NOT permitted). No other jewellery items are permitted
  • No Markings or symbols which have been cut into scalp or eyebrows
  • No haircut shorter than a no. 1
  • No facial hair – clean shaven (Years 7-11).  This is at the discretion of the Headteacher.
  • No multi-coloured hair beads.  They must be clear, black, brown or white and should be tied back so as not to cause a Health & Safety issue.
  • No unnatural colour hair extensions or hair dye.  Red, purple, orange or yellow are not permitted.
  • No Ankle boots, including Kickers.
  • No Facial or multiple piercings
  • No tattoos
  • No extreme fashion hair styles. The school reserves the right to decide whether a hairstyle meets requirements
  • No nail extensions or nail colour/varnish
  • No Make Up - including false eyelashes
  • No baseball caps
  • No hoodies.
  • Mobile phones, air pods, headphones are banned from the school building, its premises and the immediate area surrounding the school. These items will be confiscated if seen and will only be returned to a parent/carer on a Friday.

The school will decide whether or not an item is a fashion item.



Students should dress in accordance with the Year 12 and Year 13 Dress Code. The Sixth form dress code is designed to promote a positive image of the school. All Sixth Formers are expected to adhere to the colour code of black, white or grey. This dress code allows considerable freedom whilst ensuring that everyone’s appearance is smart and business like.

The expectations are:

  • Knee-length skirt or dress/full length trousers
  • Shirt with collar/blouse
  • Ties should be worn by male students on formal occasions
  • V-necked Cardigan/jumper and/or smart jacket
  • Polishable dark shoes – not trainers, boots, pumps or Vans/Converse
  • All the above items are available from your local high street chains such as Asda, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Primark etc.
  • Facial hair: Students to maintain tidy facial hair


You are not permitted to wear/use:

  • Any outdoor coat around the building. A tailored jacket is permitted.
  • Sports clothing in school or on the way to school
  • Trainers/Flip-Flops/canvas shows/shoes containing any logo
  • Jeans*/denim/skinny jeans or skinny trousers
  • Strappy/revealing tops or bare midriffs/shoulders
  • Leggings/jeggings/leather or leather-look trousers/skirts
  • Hooded tops
  • You are expected to wear clean, safe and functional clothing, which is always appropriate to the study you are undertaking.
  • Under no circumstances will denim, baseball caps, hats, hoodies or shorts be deemed acceptable dress.
  • Mobile phones/headphones/air pods should not be used around the school they should be kept to the Sixth form area only.


Failure to adhere to the above dress code will lead to the student being sent home to change. Students who

persistently disregard the Dress Code will be referred to the Inclusion Team to address.


*Please note that trousers with back pockets and rivets, even if they are not denim, count as jeans and

should not be worn.




Rough Cuts Casuals
16 Chapel Market
N1 9EZ

Telephone: 020 7837 7924
Fax: 08700 668 499

Pencil Case Equipment:

Pens (Black and Green)
Scientific Calculator

Please note that these uniform rules apply in school and out of school whilst in uniform.  All non-uniform items will be confiscated and returned at the end of term.  Parents are asked to label the following items with their child’s name and year group: outdoor coat, blazer, sweater, tie and all PE kit.