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Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP)

Cardinal Pole Catholic School have linked up with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) to create a Youth SVP Group within the school community. The group meets fortnightly and consists of twenty three members in which they meet together to discuss the issues in the local community and how to best help as well as taking on projects nationally. Recent projects have included:

  • Helping raise funds for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Disaster.
  • Helping raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Irma.
  • Helping to pack Vinnie Packs (Homeless winter essential packs) in order for them to be distributed nationally around the UK.
  • Set up a clothes bank in the school, all items donated to the local St Vincent’s Charity Shop in Dalston.

When did it begin and who was Saint Vincent de Paul?

The Society was founded in 1833 by a group of students in Paris. They were challenged to serve the poor of the city and inspired by the example of St Vincent de Paul, they served the local population face to face, as part of their spiritual formation. In 1844 a group of men came together in London and started the first group in Britain.

St Vincent de Paul

Born in 1581 in Gascony, he studied for the priesthood being ordained in 1600. In 1617 two events changed his life. After hearing the confession of a dying man he resolved to preach the Good News of Christ’s promised redemption, and later that year after appealing for help for a poor sick family he saw many local people bringing them aid. This inspired him to found the Ladies of Charity (AIC), who were devoted to-person-to person help. Many other Vincentian organisations followed. St Vincent died in 1660 and was canonised in 1737.


Why was the group set up?

As a Catholic school, Catholic Social Teaching is of high importance to the school community, this group not only promotes this to other students but it also lives it through the actions taken. As the group is student led it allows them to gain an insight into leadership roles and also character build, setting the foundation on how we should be living our lives as Catholic’s inside and outside of the community.

Who can join?

Anyone who wishes to join from Year 9, the group was Founded by our current Year 10’s a year ago and will now support any new members from Year 9.


If any students are interested in becoming a member of Youth SVP and you are in Year 9, please speak to Mr Ryan or Ms Hasstrup who will be happy to get you involved.

Bosco Camps

The Saint John Bosco Camp is one of the SVPs largest projects. The camp provides an opportunity for young people to partake in a number of activities and games as well as the opportunity to learn.

‘The Bosco camp is inspired by the life and work of St John Bosco and St Vincent de Paul.’


The Bosco camps are for both boys and girls in Year 8 and take place in July and August for one week, more information can be found at the following web address: If you require more information on this then please see Mr Ryan who will be able to discuss the camps with you.