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Outcomes / Results

A Level Exam Results 2021

Jane Heffernan, Executive Headteacher said, “These results are not only impressive as a school, they equip students with the qualifications and skills they need for a successful future. I am very proud of each and every one of them and am grateful to staff and parents for their support.” The Centre Assessed grades have been moderated and agreed and we have secured an impressive 58% A*A Grades, 90% A*-B grades, 99 % A*-C grades and 100% A*-E grades.

Already graded outstanding as a sixth form, these results have been sustained year on year and remain well above local and national outcomes. Our progress measures at the school continue to place us in the top 1% of schools nationally. Vocational results in Health and Social Care and Business also continue to provide exceptional progress with 81% securing Distinction.

Students were delighted with their individual results including Edward Badege who secured 3A* grades and 1 A grade, Temi Ajayi, Jessica Ugori and Naimeh Sabrah 3A* grades, congratulations also to Marcus Anozie, Dilara Cigerli and Demetria Kirlew, who each secured 2A*1A. Our vocational students were equally delighted and successful, with many successful students securing overall Distinction* grades, including Mercy Adeosun, Lillian Anarfi, Jessica Ashamu, Briana Browne, Alna Caulker, Franciska Dam, Miriam Ishola, Musu Jaiteh, Katie Lowbridge, Catherine Metuge, Charlene Ofori-Attah, Zoe Opoku, Angela Owusu, Fatima Pereira and Dean Tennant.
‘Over my years here, Cardinal Pole educated me, inspired me and helped raise me. For the success of my cohort and I, I am so grateful. The community they fostered shaped us into intelligent and kind young adults. Thank you.’ (Edward Badege 3A* grades) ‘Over the last two years I have had so much support from the teachers. I don’t
think I could have done it without them.’ (Naimeh Sabrah, 3A* grades)

GCSE Exam Results 2021

Cardinal Pole Catholic School have once again delivered remarkable GCSE grades. "Another cracking set of results", says Adam Hall, Associate Headteacher, "an outstanding cohort of young people, they have shown
extraordinary resilience and will to achieve, they deserve their every success." Jane Heffernan, Executive Headteacher said, "I am especially pleased to report the fantastic results of our students this year, despite the challenges which they faced with determination and fortitude. Our outstanding GCSE success has continued and it is a credit to the efforts of staff and students working together to secure these”. These results included sustaining excellent English and Maths results with 84% grades 4+ , 65% grades 5+, 28% grades 7-9 in Mathematics. English results were just as impressive with 81 % grades 4+, 66% grade 5+ and 28% grades 7+.

Students were rewarded for their hard work and consistent efforts. The following are some of our exceptional results at GCSE including: Tai Samdee Cadby who secured 9 grade 9s, Matthew Michael who secured 8 grade 9s and
Fatou N’Doye, Alex Wei and Jecoliah Williams who all secured 7 grade 9s in addition to a range of other impressive grades. “It has taken a lot of consistent hard work and dedication through the years to get the results that I have. I’m extremely thankful to all the teachers who have helped me get here. They have believed in me and have helped me believe in myself. They have pushed me to work hard and be the best version of myself in both my personal and academic life.” (Jecoliah Williams) “I want to thank Cardinal Pole for helping me develop my character and for all the friends and teachers that I cherish.” (Alex Wei) Alex Parker and Afolabi Akinola, Head of Year 11 and Pastoral Support Manager, said "Our year group has been a pleasure to guide and support through five years of education. They have each grown into high achieving individuals who are both caring and determined. We are so proud of them all and wish them all the very best in their next steps."

Exam Results 2021

Headline Measures 2019 2019 National 2020 2021 2020
Progress 8 0.38 -0.03 0.8 0.09* Well above National
Attainment 8 4.9 4.67 5.3 5.5 Well above National
% English & Maths 41 43 79 78 Well above National 

* provisional

  • GCSE results for 2021 are again strong, improving steadily over 3 years on all measures.
  • Students for 2021 are exceeding national attainment on almost every measure.
  • The percentage of students securing English and Maths is up on 2020 continuing an upward trajectory.
  • Progress 8 score is once again highly positive, currently estimated to be at 0.9, which based on 2019 data and places the school well above national for progress.
A Level, % 2019 2019 National 2020 2021  
A*-B 61 40.4 86 88 Graded Outstanding 
A*-C 85 62 99 97 Graded Outstanding
A*-E 99 90 100 100 Graded Outstanding
  • A Level results are well above national average, graded outstanding, and continues to rise.
  • Grades achieved were very close to school predictions and targets, demonstrating the robust assessment process at Post 16
  • These results suggest an ALPs Grade 1 - Outstanding, is again retained, demonstrating the strength of Sixth Form provision at Cardinal Pole Catholic School.
  • Students in the Sixth Form are well prepared for the next stage in their education with exceptional progression to top universities.


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