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Key Stage Curriculum Booklets & Overviews

At Cardinal Pole, our students sit at the very heart of our curriculum. In addition to teaching subjects for their intrinsic value, the purpose of our curriculum is to empower our students, further social justice and prepare them for citizenship within and outside of our school community. We believe that our students deserve the very best education and, to ensure that we meet these aims, we have outlined a clear curriculum plan for each key stage which is outlined in the curriculum booklets.

Our curriculum has been carefully considered in the context of “what we teach when” by working closely with primary schools to aid transition and mapping each subject across Y7 to Y13 to ensure that students are given the opportunity to discover, develop, refine and master the skills and knowledge required to become lovers of learning (KS3), subject masters (KS4) and critical scholars (KS5). The curriculum booklets explicitly outline what we teach and why in each subject area. I am sure that as a parent you will be concerned about ensuring that your child remains up to date during COVID-19 and I want to reassure you that this has been taken into account when planning the curriculum.

At KS3 (Y7-Y8), students are timetabled for 29 lessons across a wide range of subjects in 50 minute periods (for further details, please see the specific curriculum booklets for each year group).  This is supported by an additional PSHE lesson.

At KS4 (Y9-Y11), students are also timetabled for 29 lessons in 50 minute periods as they embark on their GCSE studies. All students study English Literature and English Language, Maths, Science (combined or separate) and RE in addition to three options subjects chosen at the end of Year 8.This is supported by an additional PSHE lesson.

At KS5 (Y12-Y13), our outstanding Sixth Form offers a wide range of A-Level and vocational subjects for students to continue their studies. Students typically choose three subjects to study at A-Level although they may start Y12 with four to help ensure that they are on the right courses. Each A-Level subject is allocated 6 periods a week whilst vocational subjects are allocated 18 periods (for further details, please see the specific curriculum booklets).This is supported by an additional PSHE lesson.

Students also have timetabled a weekly PSHE lesson on a Thursday morning and a daily 30 minute Prep session each day with their tutor to support with the completion of homework in addition to:

  • Literacy skills through Root of the Week and numeracy skills through Numeracy Ninjas at KS3;
  • Interventions to support with closing the gap at KS4;
  • UCAS preparation and outside speakers at KS5.

All year groups celebrate Mass once a half term in addition to the liturgies held at the end of each term.

To provide students with a bespoke place of learning, our state of the art library is open to all students before school, at breaktime, lunchtime and after school. In addition to lunchtime enrichment, there is a free breakfast club for all students before school from 7.30am; after school there are homework clubs and sports clubs running daily.