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How to be successful at Cardinal Pole School (Behaviour & Expectations)

At Cardinal Pole Catholic School, we have the highest expectations of student behaviour. A calm and ordered School is the best way to ensure young people learn effectively making the progress towards the qualifications they need to gain the life chances each and every child deserves. 

At Cardinal Pole Catholic School our behaviour policy is designed to promote the safety and well-being of your child. Bullying in any form is not tolerated and our staff support students every step of the way through the beginning of their journey in Year 7 to the end of their time with us in Year 13.

At Cardinal Pole Catholic School, we operate a system of rewards and sanctions outlined in our behaviour policy. These are linked to our behaviour expectations which give our students a simple and clear guide to be successful at Secondary School.

 The expectations are simple and clear with the focus being on working together for success

In the classroom:

  • Ready to learn from your expert teacher.
  • One calm voice at a time.
  • Work hard, giving your best in every lesson.

Outside of the classroom:

  • Get to lessons on time
  • Only calm and safe behaviour

If your child follows each of these instructions, then their time at Cardinal Pole Catholic School will be a success as they work to achieve their individual hopes and aspirations.