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Head of Department

Mr Crotty 

Subject Overview:

Geography helps you to make sense of the world around you. It is hands on, it is relevant and it is fun. The current courses offered by Cardinal Pole are a good mix of topics such as Globalisation, Asia, World at Risk, Water on the Land and Living World to name but a few. The course will give pupils the chance to get to grips with some of the big questions which affectour world and understand the social, economic and physical forces and processes which shape and change our world.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8)

At Key Stage 3 pupils are placed into three separate bands and taught most subjects within those bands.

The aim of Cardinal Pole Geography Department is that pupils should consolidate and extend their knowledge of the world’s major countries and their physical and human features. They should understand how geographical processes interact to create distinctive human and physical landscapes that change over time. In this way pupils will continue to enrich their locational knowledge and spatial and environmental understanding.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11)

At Key Stage 4 all pupils follow a core curriculum which consists of English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science, Religious Education, and Physical Education.

GCSE Geography Edexcel A

  • Unit 1- The Physical Environment written examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes 37.5% of the qualification 94 marks
  • Unit 2- The Human Environment written examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes 37.5% of the qualification 94 marks
  • Unit 3- geographical Investigations written examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes 25% of the qualification 64 marks


Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form, Years 12-13)

There are a wide range of courses on offer in our Sixth Form and many of our students proceed on to prestigious University degree courses or into further vocational training.

OCR A Level Geography





Physical systems (01)


1 hour 30 mins


Human interaction (02)


1 hour 30 mins


Geographical debates (03)*


2 hour 30 mins


Investigative geography (04/05)*




Extra curricular activities