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Equality Objectives


In 2019 (the final year in which this data was nationally published, the figure for Cardinal Pole) there was no gap between FSM students and non FSM students who secured 4+ in English and Maths.  During the lockdown, despite extensive efforts, this gap grew.

In 2020 75% of students, who are economically disadvantaged and are in receipt of Free School Meals achieve grade 4 and above English and Maths at GCSE compared to 85% of students not in receipt of FSM. One of our main focuses at Cardinal Pole Catholic School is to ensure that this gap is significantly narrowed. In some ways the narrowed gap when students are on site indicates the impact of our work and we are determined to reverse this gap.  This is something we are very proud of at this school. 


Training at Cardinal Pole Catholic School includes assessment of students’ results and careful analysis to ensure students of all groups, particularly Free School Meal students, reach the same levels of attainment. Suitable interventions are provided in order to achieve this, up to and including public examination results.

Single Equality Plan Policy

One of our main focuses at Cardinal Pole Catholic School has always been to ensure that this gap is significantly narrowed and is evidenced by the DfE Performance Tables – Narrowing the Gap (see link below), which shows that 67% of our disadvantaged pupils achieve English & Maths GCSE at grade 4+. In 2020, this has risen to 75%.