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Black History Month

Black History Month

Here at Cardinal Pole we value our diverse community and during the month of October there will be a range of activities taking place to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month. In every department there will be a variety of tasks designed to engage our students and to raise awareness of the contributions made by the black community to our society, both historically and in the modern world.

School Activities

English: Range of special lessons will be planned and delivered on such topics as: black writing, Benjamin Zephaniah poetry, African Americans in 1930s, the Harlem Renaissance and a writing competition.

Maths: Lesson starter activities abour famous Black mathematicians and their contributions.

Science: Matching the achievements of black scientists into lessons in schemes of work, giving context to science that students are studying in their lessons in addition to giving them more information about the achievements of different black scientists.

Sociology: Looking at key thinkers within Critical Race Theory and what role it has to play in our wider understanding and appreciation of society.

History: Selected students will be produce short videos about present day and historic people of colour who have made significant contributions to a range of fields. Special lessons on topics such as: Weimar and Nazi Germany, black Tudors. A-Level students will attend online lecture next week at Gresham College looking at diversity in Medieval and Early Modern England.

Art & Design: Profiles on famous black artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kara Walker and Augusta Savage.

Music: Listening to music and studying the lives of famous Black classical composers such as Joseph Bologne and Samuel Coleridge Taylor.

Modern Foreign Languages: Prominent BAME figures from history on display on noticeboards.

Business: Highlighting successful Black business people and inspiring speakers. 

Geography: Recognising those often hidden and sometimes excluded black geographers working as local guides or interpreters during historic exploration. Profiling contemporary Black geographers working in research, teaching, policy and public engagement and future Black geographers who are studying at university.

Physical Education: Incorporating the success of black athletes into each lesson as part of a starter task. 

For each athletics event we will be completing we will be selecting an elite black athlete who has excelled in that event and sharing some facts about their success and their records in their respective fields to inspire the students. 

Religious Education: Year 7 will be learning focusing on black saints and sharing their stories. There will also be a research and poster competition.

Year 8 will be focusing on liturgical worship that will give students some input on different styles of liturgical worship from African and Caribbean communities. There will also be a competition where they will research or offer a personal reflection on the religious communities in Hackney.

Year 9 will focus on arguments for the existence of God and will have a lesson looking at Our Lady of Kibeho - a Marian apparition in Uganda. Students will consider this case and produce a piece of display work in class based on this case study.

Year 10 will focus on evangelism and will explore the history of the spread of the Catholic Church in Africa.

Year 11 will be considering artwork and sculpture. They will look at art produced by black artists or communities and explore whether it matters how Jesus is portrayed by different communities.

Library: There will be an extensive selection of works from a range of black writers and poets. There will also be special poetry workshops delivered by our poet-in-residence, Christian Foley.

Extracurricular: The Social Justice club will be exploring issues relating to the experiences of black people in the modern world.


Below are some useful links for further information about Black History Month: