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Art & Design Keystage 4 (Years 10-11)

GCSE Art & Design (Edexcel)

A GSCE in Art and Design requires that you have an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design. The course encourages you to develop, to investigate, analyse and experiment, allowing you to express ideas, meaning and emotions in imaginative and creative artwork. Pupils should have a commitment to and a love of the subject and feel motivated to develop their visual skills and desire to build a comprehensive portfolio of artwork.

GCSE Art and Design develops the skills and knowledge that pupils have developed at Key Stage 3. There is an emphasis on the process of developing ideas and work which will be recorded in pupil’s sketchbook/work journal. Each unit is assessed over 4 objectives which assess the ability to develop, review, record and present original ideas, meaning and feelings through art and design.

GCSE Art and Design course contains two units

Unit 1: Personal Portfolio 60%

This consists of two pieces of coursework set by the teacher and will include research into and investigation of ideas, informed by contextual and cultural sources. Pupils will experiment with and develop skills in variety of media, techniques and processes including observational drawing, printmaking, painting, and digital media. Their supporting studies will lead to the completion a finished piece of artwork.

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment 40%

The externally set paper contains possible starting points from which pupils should develop and explore ideas over a period of eight weeks. At the end of this period pupils will sit a timed ten hour examination to produce a final piece/pieces of work. The preparatory and development work along with the final piece will then be submitted for assessment.

Throughout the course pupils will develop practical skills to express ideas and use visual language. As well as this pupils will be able to expand their skills in ICT, creative problem solving, analytic, investigative and interpretative capabilities. All these skills are essential in whatever courses or employment the pupil aspires to in later life. They will also have the opportunity to experience art first hand through gallery and studio visits and visiting artists and designers.

After completing Art and Design GCSE pupils can continue their studies in Art and Design through an A-level or BTEC National Diploma. Pupils may wish to do Art and Design GCSE to develop the skills mentioned above or to pursue a career in the rapidly expanding creative arts industry. In the current economic climate creative problem solving, research and development skills are considered priorities in many diverse industries, including engineering, marketing, science and commerce.