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Art & Design Keystage (Years 9)

Year 9 Autumn Cubism
Skills Media Themes Artist/Links

Collage skills

  • Cubist techniques of dissection and repetition
Pencil Cubism Juan Gris

Observational still life skills

  • Overlapping cylindrical forms
Coloured pencil Dissection Picasso
Tone described by shading/hatching Pastel Repetition Braque
Compositional skills Collage Materials Abstraction The Cubists
Tracing and applying using dissection and repetition Cardboard Still Life Morandi


  • Light to dark
  • Colour to colour
Clay Positive and negative  

3D construction

  • Attachment skills
  Limited palette  
Year 9 Spring Kandinsky
Skills Media Themes Artist/Links
Drawing Pencil Abstraction Kandinsky
Design work Coloured pencil Concept and meaning Albers
Blending Paint Symbolism Constructivism
Painting-tints and shades Poly-board/Lino    
3 layer print Cork tiles    
Year 9 Summer Surrealism
Skills Media Themes Artist/Links
Drawing Pencil Surrealism Dali
Design work Coloured pencil   Magritte
Blending Collage skills   Max Ernst
Observational painting Paint    
Paint control and blending