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Art & Design Keystage (Years 8)

Year 8 Autumn Environment 
Skills Media Themes Artists/Links
1 point perspective Pencil Environment Hundertwasser
2 point perspective Chalk and Charcoal Identity Gaudi
Tone described by shading/hatching Ink and wax resist Landscape-architecture John Piper
Expressive mark-making Collage Perspective and nagative Anselm Kiefer
Collage Materials Expression-mood  
Tracing and applying Mixed Viewpoints  
Layering of marks Media Creative design  
design work   Colour  
Colour theory      
Year 8 Spring Insects sustained project
Skills Media Themes Artists/Links


  1. Detailed pattern
  2. Shading
Pencil Insects Yellena James
Design work Coloured pencil Pattern Louisa Borgious
Blending Paint Microscopic  
Cardboard relief Cardboard Colour  
3D wire construction Wire Nature  
Papier mache Papier Texture  
3D attachment skills Mache    
Painting-tints and shades      
Application of texture-layering of marks      
Year 8 Summer figure
Skills Media Themes Artists/Links
Proportions of the figure Pencil Proportions of the figure Giacommetti
Drawing and shading of creases Grafite Expressive figures Keith Haring
Evaluation of artists work Coloured Colour and expression Henry Moore
Design work Pencils Movement Duchamp
Colour theory Paint Creative design The Fururists
Paint techniques-flat and smooth      
Tracing and applying      
Directional Lines-expression/movement