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Art & Design Keystage (Years 7)

Year 7 Autumn skills 1
Skills Media Themes Artists/Links
Expressive mark making Pencil Organic forms Klee


  1. Block
  2. Ready-mix
  3. Watercolours
Texture Van Gogh
Application of texture/marks Charcoal Expression Piet Mondrian
Tone-shading Chalk Mood Henry Moore

Paint control

  1. Mark-making
  2. Washes
  3. Smooth edges
Wax crayons Primary/secondary sources  
Application of paint techniques   Creative Design  
Colleage/tracing and applying      
Design work      
Evaluation and assessment of work      
Year 7 Autumn skills 2
Skills Media Themes Artists/Links
Paint control Pencil Man-made forms The Fauves
Colour mixing-mixing tints and shades


  1. Block
  2. Ready-mix
  3. Watercolours
Colour theory Paul Gaugin
Layering of marks Cardboard Opposite Morandi
3D construction Coloured pencils Colours Cezanne

Observational drawing

  1. Ellipses
  2. Symmetry
Pastels Warn and cool Colours Wadsworth
View finder   Pointillism Leger
Gridding up   Shadows Piet Mondrian
Blending   Still life Helio
    Abstraction Oiticica
      Tony Cragg
Year 7 Summer Identity
Skills Media Themes Artists/Links
Proportions of the face Pencil Portrait Chris Ofilli
Drawing of features


  1. Block
  2. Ready-mix
  3. Watercolours
Identity Aboriginal
Expressive marks Coloured pencils Multicultural Giacommeti
Directional lines Pastels Symbolism Julian Opie
Tone-shading Printing poly-board Family/friendship German
Layering of marks Card board relief Pattern Expressionism
Colour mixing and blending   Journey African
Printing-poly-board/lino     Diane Taylor
Cardboard relief