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Cardinal Pole Catholic School

Cardinal Pole Catholic School

Geography Field Trip to Slapton 2017

Slapton Trip 2017

On a sunny Saturday morning the Year 12 Geographers met bright and early for a 6 hour coach journey down to Slapton, Devon. Armed with enough sweets to fuel the bus down the M4, they settled in for a chilly journey down listening to Kingsley’s classic playlist (featuring Whitney Houston and Celine Dion.)

Once we arrived in Devon it was straight into the classroom and down onto the beach to collect a geology sediment sample. Frequent showers couldn’t dampen the geographer’s enthusiasm for rocks as they huddled distinguishing between the quartz and slate along the berm of the beach.

Day two saw the weather take a turn for the worse just in time for our 12km walk along the coastline. From Start Bay to Slapton Sands mother nature blessed us with hail storms, torrential rain and bitter wind. While considering the cost benefit analysis of the sea defences we enjoyed soggy sandwiches and shortbread biscuits.

Despite the awful weather, long journey and hard work, we are proud of how conscientious, dedicated and respectful our students were.