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Cardinal Pole Catholic School

Cardinal Pole Catholic School

Geography Field Trip to Italy 2017

Italy Fieldtrip 2017

In February half term, the Sixth Form geographers undertook an international fieldtrip to Italy.

After landing in sunny Naples, day one began with a trip to Campi Flegri. The students had the chance to walk around the Solfatara crater to appreciate the fumeroles and bubbling mud pools. Some were even brave enough to breathe in the steam with its scented sulphurous fumes!

Then, we headed to Herculaneum, to explore this small fishing village buried after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. As well as being able to walk through Roman villas and temples, we could also see the skeletons of those who were vaporised by the pyroclastic flows from Mount Vesuvius.

Day two began with a trip to the ancient Roman settlement of Pompeii. This town was also buried under metres of ash and pumice from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which preserved this incredible city for us to see today.

After a lunch of pizza and gelato, we were ready to climb Mount Vesuvius itself.  After a long walk, we finally made it to the top to appreciate the deep crater and amazing views across the Bay of Naples. Mount Vesuvius is still active, and we were able to see steam escaping through the rocks!

On day three, we had a tour of the scenic Amalfi Coast. As well as examining the fascinating geology and coastal management strategies in the area, we were able to explore the winding streets of Amalfi and visit the beautiful church of Santa Maria Assunta.

Upon return to school, the students will be able to use all the knowledge gained to secure top marks in their exams!