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Early Closure and Non Uniform Day

Friday 23rd October 2020


Staff and students have worked very hard this half term and I am grateful to them and to you for
the support you have provided. Governors have decided, with the support of the local authority, to
close the school early on Friday 23rd October in order to ensure that we are ready for remote
learning. Whilst we hope it will not be needed in this school and we are thankful that so far, it has
not been necessary for one of our bubbles to close, we will be working hard with the staff to ensure
we are prepared should the Government decide on any further lockdowns or circuit breakers.
Therefore, on the afternoon of Friday 23rd work will be set on Show My Homework for students to
complete before we break for half term. Please note that further notices will be placed on the
school’s website should any changes occur post half term