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Parents Forum's

Scheduled Weekly Parent Forum's 

Links to these forum's are emailed the day before the event to parents'.

Headteacher Parent Forum (Friday’s 10am)

Year 7 HOY / Parent Forum (Tuesday’s 12pm)

Year 8 HOY / Parent Forum (Friday’s 11.15am to 11.35am)

Year 9 HOY / Parent Forum (Monday’s 10am to 10.20am)

Year 10 HOY / Parent Forum (Monday’s 10am to 10.20am)

Year 11 HOY / Parent Forum (Wednesdays 9.20am to 9.40am)

Year 12 HOY / Parent Forum (Friday’s 9.10am to 9.30am)

Year 13 HOY / Parent Forum (Friday’s 9.05am to 9.25am)

Headteacher Forum Highlights



Lateral Flow Testing ceases from Tuesday at school.  Tests available to take home.   Staff will continue to have testing at school.

Concerns about testing at home.   Recognised need to continue for the safety of the students and staff.   Enjoying the extra-curricular activities available at present. 

Summer extra-curricular activities.  All Year 6 into 7 invited in to participate in activities and Year 12 into Year 13 students requiring support and will be identifying Year 7s into Year 8 students who need to make progress.    Year 7 not had a chance to eat in dinner hall or use biometrics, when it will be starting?  ACTION: JHE:  Year 11 will be leaving us shortly and we may have an opportunity to do this, possibly during the mock week.   They should now have extra benches to sit on in their area.    Meals on offer have been recently improved also.  

Concerns about Year 11 exams on the same day.  JHE: Science has 3 exams which is why they are on the same day.   A lot of students already have their top grades so their focus should be more on the subjects that they need to push up.  

Year 11 Parents’ Evening very good, but the time span between subject teachers was a bit short.   JHE:  Will try to expand this time slot.  

HOY Virtual Parents’ Meetings for Years 7 & 12 difficult to access.  Not able to log on, no one came online.   ACTION:   JHE to ensure this improves.

JHE:  Will be looking at updating the MUGA using Astroturf and a possible climbing wall.  Any ideas for extra-curricular classes which we are not running and you would like, please let me know.