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Parents Forum's

Scheduled Monthly Parent Forum's - these take place on the first week of every month

Links to these forum's are emailed the day before the event to parents'.

Headteacher Parent Forum (Friday’s 10am)

Year 7 HOY / Parent Forum (Tuesday’s 12pm)

Year 8 HOY / Parent Forum (Friday’s 11.15am to 11.35am)

Year 9 HOY / Parent Forum (Monday’s 10am to 10.20am)

Year 10 HOY / Parent Forum (Monday’s 10am to 10.20am)

Year 11 HOY / Parent Forum (Wednesdays 9.20am to 9.40am)

Year 12 HOY / Parent Forum (Friday’s 9.10am to 9.30am)

Year 13 HOY / Parent Forum (Friday’s 9.05am to 9.25am)

Headteacher Forum Highlights

PARENT FORUM 18th June 2021


Social Media Highlights:  School Netball teams very successful at Petchey Academy and they also won against City Academy 6-5, Health Eating promotions week in PE with Ms Haley, Rewards activity for Year 8 playing dodgeball earnt for exemplary behaviour.  National Bike Week, students riding to school.   Practical Assessment Exams being held this week.   Preparation for our Spoken Word Showcase taking place on 30th June, supported by our Poet in residence, Christian Foley.   Year 13 students having completed their final assessments and awaiting their official results in August, celebrating last week.   Assessment week this week, students coming in extra early to revise – well done.   Record number of students applying to our Sixth Form this year, two taster days were held this week for our existing Year 11s so they can understand what it will be like.  External students Taster Day details to follow and various activities for Year 11 this week including Islington Boat Club and the students competing in Sports Day.

Key dates for you – see the most recent letter from the Executive Headteacher.  Transition Day for Year 6 will no longer be taking place on site due to the Covid extension – further details to be released.  

Sports Days for the other year groups will be taking place on Mabley Green this year.

Last day of term is Friday 16th July with an early finish.

Work experience placements: It has been difficult to obtain places this year as many companies are still working from home.  Instead the school has put on work related activities and webinars given by various external companies and industries. This was organised by our Careers Adviser, Mr Howard. 

Summer School will still take place this summer for Year 6-7 transfer. 

New sixth form students coming to us in September – looking forward to meeting them further details to follow.

Please encourage your child to sign up to the various extra-curricular activities held at lunchtime and after school by accessing EVOLVE.

A letter from the Executive Headteacher will be sent out next week detailing the last few weeks of the term. 

Please sign up to our social media pages, you may see your child there!